Application for “Shikahachi”
Early bird discount (11%) is available throughout this year!

*Until Dec. 31

We will ask for information about the participants, format of participation, number of participants, desired stage, and accommodation (maximum 8 questions)


The following support packs are included in “Shikahachi 2023”.
Digital distribution of recommended routes (Ride with GPS and Google My Maps)
Transport service (you can leave your large luggage in the support car, so you can ride light)
Emergency service (support car will respond to you in case of emergency)

[Basic Plan] You can ride at your own pace and follow your own route except for the checkpoints.
Single stage participation 6,000 yen *Multiple stages can be selected. [after 2023.1.1 / 6,800yen]
Half participation (first 3 stages) 16,500 yen [after 2023.1.1 / 18,800yen]
Half participation (second 4 stages) 22,000 yen [after 2023.1.1 / 24,800yen]
Full stage participation (all 7 stages) 35,000 yen [after 2023.1.1 / 39,800yen]

[Limited Option] Guided tour is an option (limited to 6 people)
[With guide]  Single stage participation 10,000 yen *Multiple stages can be selected. [after 2022.1.1 / 11,800yen]
[With guide] Half participation (first 3 stages) 28,500 yen [after 2022.1.1 / 31,800yen]
[With guide] Half participation (4 stages in the second half) 38,000 yen [after 2022.1.1 / 42,800yen]
[With guide] Full stage participation (all 7 stages) 63,000 yen [after 2022.1.1 / 70,800yen]

Apr 29 (Sat) Pre Stage “Tokyo – Kashima” Long Ride
Apr 30 (Sun) Stage 1 “Kashima – Hitachi” Kitaura Lake and Fishing Ports Long Ride
May 1 (Mon) Stage 2 “Hitachi – Tomioka” Iwaki Nanahama Kaido Long Ride
May 2 (Tue) Stage 3 “Namie – Ishinomaki” Land of Reconstruction Century Ride
May 3 (Wed) Stage 4 “Ishinomaki – Kesennuma” Kitakami River Long Ride
May 4 (Thu) Stage 5 “Kesennuma – Kamaishi” Old Mountain Road Long Ride
May 5 (Fri) Stage 6 “Kamaishi – Kuji” Rias Coast Century Ride
May 6 (Sat) Stage 7 “Kuji – Hachinohe” Tanesashi Beach, Kaburashima Shrine Parade Ride

We are planning to stay in single rooms at the following hotels. Please take your time to relax and get ready for the next day. Our staff will be staying with you, so please feel free to contact us at any time.
*Hotel accommodations will be announced as soon as they are determined.

Apr 29 (Thu) Kashima area
Apr 30 (Fri) Hitachi area
May 1 (Sat) Tomioka area
May 2 (Sun) Ishinomaki area
May 3 (Mon) Kesennuma area
May 4 (Tue) Kamaishi area
May 5 (Wed) Kuji area
*Apr 28 not available